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Safety is our number one priority.

Via our induction processes, ongoing training, WHS representatives, and safe work procedures, we manage the risk of harm to employees through enabling a culture of active engagement, hazard and incident reporting and injury prevention.

Our four core safety beliefs are:

  • Safety is our number one priority
  • If the job is not safe, or the conditions are hazardous, then don’t do it!
  • Working in a safe manner and according to safe work procedures is a condition of employment
  • Everyone has a role to play in contributing to a safer workplace


All management and employees of Monash Electrical Maintenance take part in an induction program designed to introduce employees to our key policies and systems and requirements whilst performing work on site. Ongoing training is provided via our toolbox safety meetings conducted on a monthly basis, comprising of a range of health and safety topics.


Our safety management plan ensures that we comply with the Worksafe Policy and Standards, and provide an all-encompassing framework for how we manage risks within the workplace, including our safe work procedures and reference tools to enable our employees to be accountable for working in a safe manner and according to protocol at all times.

Our project managers are key players in providing a culture of safety via regular toolbox meetings, encouragement of utilizing our hazard reporting procedures and engaging in safety audits with site supervisors. Supervisors on site are accountable for communicating OHS updates and overseeing daily operations are conducted according to company procedures.


As part of our commitment to safety, Monash Electrical Maintenance have engaged NECA, a key partner and leading WHS support service, enabling greater knowledge sharing and specialised resources designed to assist our business and service to exceed industry safety standards.


By encouraging a culture of safety via our training systems and safe work processes, we ensure our employees are accountable for meeting their work obligations to complete and work according to safety standards. In addition, our employees take an active role in hazard identification and incident reporting, and utilising our toolbox sessions as a positive platform to communicate any ideas for innovation of best practise. Active involvement from management to employee ensures we are constantly working to improve our work environment and minimize all work health safety risks.