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We take a broad and long-term view of sustainability through informed and balanced decision making processes, considering our sustainability objectives. This ranges from setting business strategies to delivering our range of services.

Being sustainable influences how:

  • We plan and deliver our services
  • Employ people and manage their growth and wellbeing
  • Purchase products strategically
  • Manage our environment


Our goals are to provide a safe workplace for staff, embrace workforce diversity, embed sustainable work practices as we deliver business outcomes for clients, and foster strong relationships with suppliers and local communities.

How do we achieve our sustainability goals?

We implement sustainability via our environment sustainability program, whilst also pursuing other programs that contribute to our company objectives.

1. Safety is our number ONE priority

We are committed to protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of our workers, customers, contractors and visitors. We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable.

2. Equal Opportunity and People Power

We are committed to offering employment opportunities to people from all walks of life. Our employment policies and management practices support client needs and at the same time align with an inclusive workplace culture which relies upon our employees engaging with our professional behaviours policy.

3. Sustainable Environment

Compliance with our environmental responsibilities and continuous improvement in our environmental performance is key to building a successful and sustainable future. These commitments are achieved through implementation of our Environmental Management System.

4. Sustainable Sourcing

Via our valued supplier relationships, we are committed to continued improvement strategies that enable us to provide optimal value to our customers and positively impact the environment through efficiency and environmentally conscious practises.

5. Community

We are committed to positively contributing to the markets and communities in which we operate through the support of selected graduates and trainees via our apprenticeship and development programs which are aligned to our broader business objectives.